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About Us

Aggressive Tooling specializes in the design and production of turnkey equipment that assures and verifies dimensional accuracy and compliance of components of all sizes. Our singular purpose is to ensure that our customers succeed in delivering parts and assemblies that fit properly and install quickly into OEM products. We put your success and satisfaction first, and we measure our own success when your reputation for quality is enhanced.

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Companywide, we make consistent investments in training and technology to ensure we’re always ready to serve our customers better and add value to their operations. We’re constantly improving our staff skills and knowledge, leadership, information systems, software, safety training and manufacturing assets.

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Precision and Innovation for Tier 1 Manufacturers

Aggressive Tooling meets the demanding metrology, mechatronics, and automation requirements of Tier 1 automotive component manufacturers to help them deliver excellence to their customers. From shop floor to C Suite, we foster relationships you can trust and the capabilities to interface with world-class manufacturing processes and information technologies. We deliver innovation and a can-do spirit to Tier 1 manufacturers and even automotive OEMs worldwide.

We are proud to have the ISO 9001 Certification


We received the 2023 ecovadis Sustainability Silver Rating


Mechatronics Expertise

More broadly, almost all of our projects integrate mechanical and electrical design, machining, automation and controls engineering into products for fixturing, fabricating, assembling, and verifying dimensional accuracy of metallic assemblies.

Industry Experience


Commercial Transportation



UTV/Off Road





Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. They collaborate on every project with a spirit of invention and problem solving, and a singular drive to create products that help our customers excel.


As owners of Aggressive Tooling, Inc. we believe our success aspires from putting God first and providing our employees with the best environment to live and work. Our employees can then be the best they can be, empowering them to provide an excellent product and service for our customers.

Our goal as a company is to add value to the customers we serve by doing whatever we can to supply their needs. We have met these goals by adding value and giving back to our employees, our churches, and our community.


Want to come work for us?

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