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Leak Testing

Aggressive Tooling leak test fixtures let you verify your metallic parts and assemblies meet specifications for gas leakage through flanged and welded joints, or other defects. They allow you to detect leaks and also provide the means and access to make repairs right in the fixture. Our systems can include component handling, assembly, test verification marking and full integration with manufacturing information systems.


  • Variable Data Collection

  • Live Data Trending

  • Ethernet Communication

  • Laser/Pin Mark Etching

  • Vision Validation

  • Part Assembly

  • Barcode Printing and Reading

  • Auto Load/Unload

  • Robotic Integration

  • Operator Interface/Biometrics

  • Automated Lubrication of Assembly Components

  • Part Present Validation

  • Assembly Temperature Sensing

  • Quick Change Docking Stations


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