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We maintain complete in-house capabilities for fully integrated design and build of mechatronic systems, from concept, design, mechanical and electrical/electronics integration, and digital control and communications. We can create a better system for you faster, without the additional complexities involved with outsourcing critical procedures and components.

Aggressive Tooling 3D printing icon

Fast in-house prototyping and part production

Aggressive Tooling controls engineering capability icon

A deep understanding of real-world mechatronics and motion control

Aggressive Tooling machining and fabrication icon

In-house CNC machining by programming-capable operators

Aggressive Tooling safety and ergonomics icon

Ensuring safe and efficient interactions with our products

Aggressive Tooling electrical and pneumatics design icon

Robust designs for linking components, control interfaces and logic controllers

Aggressive Tooling mechanical design icon

Fully integrated mechatronic design and manufacturing

Aggressive Tooling CMM Certification icon

Ensuring precision performance from our equipment

Aggressive Tooling automation icon

Motion control, robotics and material handling expertise

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