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Automated Final Assembly Gauges

One of our most sophisticated mechatronic systems, automated final assembly gages provide customized solutions to verify that you are delivering quality parts and finished products to your customers. They can be configured to provide automated loading/unloading, assembly, gaging, marking and more. You can integrate formerly stand-alone features and functionality into a single platform to save time and money. These products also include a rich suite of connected information technologies to help you manage your processes and logistics.


  • Attribute Gaging

  • Variable Data Collection

  • Live Data Trending

  • Ethernet Communication

  • Laser/Pin Mark Etching

  • Vision Validation

  • Part Assembly

  • Barcode Printing and Reading

  • Leak Testing

  • Electronic Continuity Checks

  • Auto Load/Unload

  • Robotic Integration

  • Operator Interface/Biometrics

  • Part Present Validation

  • Automated Lubrication

  • Quick Change Docking Stations


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