Our products focus on customized fixturing and gaging systems that allow manufacturers to precisely fabricate and verify the dimensional accuracy of metallic parts and assemblies that ultimately fit into larger structures. Most reflect our mechatronic expertise, incorporating electronic components for control, sensing, digital control and data communication.

  • Specialty fixtures machinery

    Custom solutions to maximize efficiency and optimize operations.

  • Blue robotic arm weld fixture

    Robotic weld fixtures for increased fabrication speed and quality.

  • Inside of automated machinery

    Fixturing and measurement to assure integrity and fit of assemblies.

  • Weld fixture machine

    Maintain quality and flexibility with manual weld fixtures.

  • Leak test machinery

    Meet specs for gas containment integrity in flanged and welded joints.

  • Close up on attribute gage

    Simple attribute gages to verify you're delivering quality parts and assemblies.

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