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Work Study

What are the benefits of the work study program for students?

  • Learn about various career options

  • Use knowledge and skills from your classroom in the workplace

  • Earn high school credits through work experience

  • Earn valuable work experience for your resume

  • Learn new practical skills

  • Earn money.

Interested in Work study through Your High School?

Speak to your high school counselor or the work study coordinator at your school!

Aggressive Tooling is hiring students for our work study program.   Work hours are flexible to schooling needs.  Must be willing to work 15-24 hours per week.


Some of the duties include:

  • Complete daily checklist tasks in the area assigned to you (cleaning/organizing/sweeping/etc)

  • Occasionally makes pick-ups and deliveries using a company van

  • Maintain chemical supply and ensure proper labeling

  • Outside lawn maintenance including:  mowing, trimming, leaf blowing, seasonal clean up tasks

  • All outside building and parking lot maintenance including:  shoveling and salting sidewalks and parking lot, maintaining the safety and integrity of the building appearance, misc. outdoor needs

  • Maintain all Aggressive Tooling trucks

  • Ensure the water softener is maintained with proper levels of salt

  • Maintain the stock levels of casters, clean out plugs, bolts and flat washers

  • Ensure casters are sorted upon delivery and placed onto the tooling, per deadline

  • Maintain the work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition and follow prescribed safety regulations

  • Communicate with facilities manager and shop hand as to building and maintenance needs

  • Other cleaning and maintenance duties as assigned

Be a part of a great culture!

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